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Precaution One Should Know Before Buying Tramadol

he medicine can not be mixed up with any other drugs that are treating:

  1. • mental disorders;

  2. • migraines;

  3. • Parkinson’s disease;

  4. • antibiotics.

Such combination may not only cause intoxication, but also become fatal.

The patient is also not allowed to take Tramadol if he has some of the following diseases;

  1. • stomach disorders;

  2. • diseases of kidney and liver;

  3. • suicidal mood and mental illnesses;

  4. • drug and alcohol addiction.

Patients of the older age often get problems with breathing while taking Tramadol. It is known that if a patient will take the medicine during a period of pregnancy, a child can be born with an addiction to a drug. The youngest age of a patient should be at least 16 years old. Never crash a pill in you mouth and do not chew it.

The slightest dosages of alcohol in a combination with Tramadol may also cause severe side effects and even death, be sure that you even do not get it even with some minor products.

Tramadol Dosages

For the adults that have a mild effect not requiring fast effect, the average dosage is about 25mg in the morning. In the cases when a rapid help is needed, doctors usually prescribe 100mg 4 times a day.

Patients older than 65 years old require more précised doctor’s control. The dosage is never more than 200mg daily.

The youngest patients (from 16 years old), are initially prescribed to take 100mg every 4-6 hours.

Remember About Side Effects

In general, side effects of Tramadol can be divided into two groups, the first one is more common and less dangerous:

  1. • tremor;

  2. • anxiety;

  3. • nausea;

  4. • vomiting.

And those which are more serious and require some urgent medical treatment:

  1. • blistering;

  2. • increased blood pressure;

  3. • convulsions;

  4. • heartbeat disorders;

  5. • senses disorders.

If you need to buy this drug, it is strongly recommended visiting a doctor in order to avoid complications and side effects.

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